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SynoVation Valley Leadership Academy



Our Vision

Our vision is a life-affirming future for all. Our commitment is to empower each participant who enters our programs with a new mindset, a connection to their highest self and the tools to positively impact those around them. We support individuals and leaders by delivering programs that create connectedness, community and innovation.

Our Mission

The mission of SynoVation Leadership Academy (SVLA) is to enhance human capital, social networks and community engagement by empowering participants with transformational leadership skills to serve as dynamic civic servant leaders, entrepreneurial business owners, professional service providers and family members for the betterment of our community and world.







Our Vision

Our Values



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Our Values


Origins of SVLA

SVLA was initiated by visionary community members with a passion for enriching the vitality of their hometowns. Inspired by the core values of empowerment, collaboration and a greater good mindset, these individuals embarked on an intentional journey of growth. This energy sparked the creation of 1) an annual business visitation program conducted by the Ord Area Chamber of Commerce and Valley County Economic Development and 2) a study of leadership capacity conducted by the Valley County Community Foundation Fund. The research indicated a strong need for leadership development to boost community improvement efforts, economic growth and job creation. As community members explored these needs specific areas of interest evolved, including entrepreneurial business start-ups, expansions and transitions, as well as productive workforce environments, civic and servant leadership succession planning and holistic family wellness.


With this powerful knowledge in hand, SVLA emerged in the fall of 2013 and established as a 501c3 organization in 2015. The customized program for adults and youth was created through a collaborative, grassroots effort of key community stakeholders and international leadership coach, Dr. Dee Trudeau Poskas.


Origins of SVLA

Our Team

SVLA is supported by a network of individuals, nonprofits and local businesses which all give time, talent and treasure to ensure the vitality of our organization. Integral local and statewide partnerships provide on-going support through financial resources and consultation to achieve the overarching outcomes of creating a culture of trust, empowerment and shared vision at the highest level of competency.


Our Evolution

The ever-evolving vision for the future of SVLA offers exhilarating possibilities. We believe our continued work to enhance leadership capacity and encourage business development is essential for the future of greater Nebraska. The diversity of academy participants fosters broader connection, deeper impact, and expansion of resources throughout the Loup Valley region and state. Consequently, we are garnering state and national recognition from the Nebraska Community Foundation, the Heartland Center for Leadership Development and the Kauffman Foundation. Valley County is emerging as the premier destination for innovative leadership development and entrepreneurial growth opportunities on a national level


Our Future

In 2020, our core team has expanded and we have new goals to shape and lead the program moving forward. Our mission is now to provide a framework to grow and lead wherever you are. We would love to visit with you about our program and help you get involved. This class is the best gift you could ever give yourself!

Our Team

What SVLA is

The intergenerational, multi-leveled program nurtures continuous personal growth, which perpetuates sustainable behavioral change, broader perspectives, and elevated vision for what is possible. This personal growth is the core fiber for influencing stronger relationships, effective leadership practices, and the evolution of community culture. A corresponding youth curriculum is taught in Valley County Schools at the eighth-grade level. Seven years of SVLA evaluation data illustrates achievement in positively impacting adult and youth participants' authentic growth in all targeted areas.


SVLA Board Members
Blue Egg Leadership's "Model of Transformation"
Model of Transformation


In a world of continuous change and constant technological, demographic and social innovation, it becomes apparent that individuals are ready to replace the status quo of viewing and living in the world with stress, disharmonious environments and lack of direction. While it was once sufficient to be competent at the same job over a lifetime, now we change roles, job positions and organizational directions, quickly and skillfully.


Today, organizations and businesses require flexibility, adaptability and solution orientations. Moreover, individuals, communities, teams and organizations desire to ignite their potential for optimistic, innovative and emotionally intelligent capacities.  SVLA is founded on a coaching methodology which brings forth each person’s unique knowledge, skills, perceptions and competencies to empower individuals to tap into their most brilliant selves.


SVLA invites individuals and teams from all over Nebraska to transform the way they live, work and lead. Using a developmental approach, participants start with building a new platform for a growth mindset with Level 1 - Transforming Your Possibilities. As communication is so essential for rapport building, empowering others, better decisions, and effective outcomes our next level is Integrative Communication & Emotional Intelligence in which participants learn unique communication techniques based in neurolanguage and neurolinguistics. Coaching Dimensions is based on a coaching mastermind principle of bringing together individuals that have participated in the other programs to continue offering thought provoking and capacity building discussions focused on personal and transformative leadership. As of Fall 2020, SVLA also offers a Blue Egg Leadership business and organizational leadership training program called EQ-Edge. This powerful leadership development program offers an integrative manual and leadership labs to empower leaders to build emotional intelligence in themselves and their teams or organizations.



What Participants Say About The Experience…


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