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The future requires an emotionally intelligent workforce

We are in the Knowledge Era where technology is fast and furiously changing the world. What is so fascinating is that research shows that with these changes comes the need for highly emotionally intelligent, collaborative, and creative people to navigate successfully within organizations and businesses. 


We know from research that the top ten skills needed for successful teams all have to do with personal growth. Additionally, an IBM study reported that an estimated 120 million workers worldwide will need to be retrained as a result of AI and automation in the next three years and executives named adaptability, time management, and collaboration as some of the most important skills to hire for in today’s workforce.

SVLA and Blue Egg Leadership: Personal Development Transforms


SVLA: Level 1

Transforming Your Possibilities 
This coaching experience you will learn how to increase your happiness, build time-mastery processes, and rewire your brain to center around emotional intelligence!
This is a coaching experience where you will learn new tools, perspectives, and levels of confidence!

  Integrative Communication &

  Emotional Intelligence

This  is a coaching cohort where participants will gain the strategies and knowledge to build rapport, influence, better listening, and unlock the key to effective communication!
This Program now has 3 CHOICES for succinct powerful smaller class sizes to deepen the learning!
Prerequisite for this program is
the completion of SVLA: Level 1.
Master Class header-min.jpg

Master Class

This  is an immersive online experience, which gives you an opportunity to customize your leadership and business journey through four zoom sessions with Dr. Dee.
Prerequisite for this program is to
be enrolled in either SVLA: Level 1 or
Integrative Communication & Emotional Intelligence

Communication Dimensions Practicum

In these highly engaging sessions, we guide you through experiential exercises that deepen and personalize your understanding of the mental fitness tools and coaching tools specifically designed to work with people at an engaging nonresistant way. 
Prerequisite for this program is
the completion of SVLA: Level 1. 


for Business and Professional Leaders
This program provides business and organizational leaders with tools to shape their leadership, processes to streamline, strategies for creating an emotionally intelligent team, and language patterns for leading.


for Business and Professional Leaders, too
EQ-Edge Squared is a unique hybrid coaching program that guides business, organization and team leaders to their next level of successful leadership. This program is customized to those in the room, navigating them through the coaching tools that they can apply immediately. Growth, clarity of direction, accountability and mindfulness coaching strategies are built into this program.
Prerequisite for this program is the completion of EQ-Edge.


What Participants Say About The Experience…


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Blue Egg Leadership
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