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SynoVation Valley Leadership Academy


 Speaker - Transformative Coach - Leadership Coach - Change Maker  

SynoVation Valley Leadership Academy

SVLA wants to empower you to design the best version of yourself. Unlike most programs, which utilize knowledge only based classes or trainings, our programs are experiential, adventurous, energized, and supportive coaching experiences that will empower you to truly transform your life. Our leadership coach brings expertise in neurolinguistics, neuroscience, positive psychology, leadership, and emotional intelligence to go beyond sharing knowledge into actually developing your capacity for change, for building optimistic workplaces, and for creating new levels of influence.


  • Learn cutting edge coaching tools and practices for creating a new mindset, developing better decision making, and create new competencies. 
  • Gain a rich understanding of your own brain brilliance.
  • Learn time mastery techniques to more effectively navigate productivity, energy and time.
  • Connect to a deepened sense of purpose and a renewed inspiration for what is possible for you and those you connect with.



 Dr. Denise Trudeau Poskas  is an international coach and speaker. Her book, Generous Authority, which will be available on Amazon this fall, outlines a new paradigm for how leaders can empower growth, transparency, and communication in their organizations. Dr. Dee is often described as the ‘coach’s coach,’ and possesses extraordinary knowledge and respect in the field of leadership coaching and human science. She holds the esteem of writing for Forbes on the Coaches Council and is one of their Leadership Expert Panel members. 
We are looking for authentic freedom and synergy from what holds us back. Dr. Dee serves her clients by igniting their internal wisdom and brilliance. People want change and Dr. Dee is brilliant at equipping them to design their ideal change and reach it with success.


Dr. Dee has served as a coach since 2005, and has several graduate degrees specializing in human performance and synergy, including a Masters in Psychology, an MBA, and an earned PhD in Human Science and Leadership. Additionally, she has been in leadership roles and has worked with leaders and entrepreneurs for over twenty years, inspiring them to build powerful transformative cultures while doing their inner work.  She serves clients through their mastery of time, communication, growth mindset, and establishing new patterns of optimism and empowerment.  They reach their BOLD goals, PURPOSE driven lives, and stay CURIOUS about their possibilities. She has worked with thousands of people across a variety of professional levels, industries, and cultures to help them capitalize on their brain brilliance, navigate change, and design high capacity living!


Dr. Denise A. Trudeau Poskas

 Speaker - Transformative Coach - Leadership Coach - Change Maker  

Our Coach


A training program that works to develop top skills needed for the future

We don't just talk about paradigm shift...


Not just any course...

FIVE very strategic coaching programs.

These programs are offered online through

LIVE Stream with break out rooms or in-person so that you can choose to transform no matter where you live!


Participants will receive information about both of these options several weeks prior to the coaching programs beginning!


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